Where to Buy Retro Consoles, PCs and Games

So you have decided to collect some old school gaming gear? – Great! But where is the best place to buy it from? We have thought of three good places to buy old consoles, games and computers in order for you to try out your new hobby. The good news is that collecting is cheap and fun and luckily there is always plenty of stock to choose from.

Charity Shops
There seems to be more charity shops in the towns and cities of the UK than anything else which is great news for us old gamers. We recommend you looks once a week in all the charity shops in your local area. Make a day of it, visit the whole lot – you would be surprised what they have and in great condition too.

You can always leave a contact telephone number behind – most places would be happy to give you a call and let you know when they have some retro gaming consoles come in.

As far as prices go, this varies A LOT. Some shops will want a fiver for a SNES or Nintendo 64 whilst others might want up to £30. Try to find boxed items and check the cables – if you are not sure what should be included in a console kit then look it up online first.
There is nothing worse than coming home and finding out there is some missing cables. Also at charity shops make sure you look at the books they sell, these can be little gold mines as they often have old books related to computers, games and video consoles.

Auction Websites
eBay is probably the number one source of retro gaming gear. You could spend hours trawling though the listings and it all depends on what you want. Consoles are cheap, games too so try and bundle items together if you can. If buying on eBay then always make sure you check out the seller’s feedback (last 30 days) and read the item description properly as some sellers are sneaky.

eBay is good for finding something that is missing from your collection. For example you might be collection all the Sonic games for the Mega Drive or NFL football. Simply perform your searches and see what comes up.

Local Independent Sellers & Fairs
These are the best places to go to pick up quality gear in good condition. Search on Facebook for second hand gaming shops there is bound to be pages/groups of shops close to where you live. The advantage of shopping at second hand retro games shops is that the people who work there are most likely fanatical about gaming like you.

They will be very interested in chatting about gaming and also will want to help you get whatever you need. They tend to have stuff laying around everywhere and can be little treasure troves. If you looking to purchase boxed, almost new PlayStation, SNES, N64, Commodores, Ataris, Spectrums or BBCs then give these guys a good looking over.